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Ford Kicks Off 2016 by Winning a Whole Bunch of Awards in January

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2016 Ford Mustang

2016 Ford Mustang

Ford kicked off 2016 by adding a few more awards to its preposterously large trophy case. We presume that every automaker has a singular trophy case in one specific location somewhere on the planet where they store every single physical plaque or certificate or statuette. With this logic, it stands to reason that Ford’s trophy case is, like, way huge. We’re talking entire private island huge. Just an island that is in and of itself a shelf for holding trophies issued to Ford.

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On that island, you would now find trophies distinguishing the 2016 Ford Mustang as the 2016 Most Popular on Award-winner for the entry-level sports car segment and the 2016 Ford F-150 as the 2016 Most Popular on Award-winner for the large truck segment. Those trophies are probably pretty shiny, we’d have to bet. Ford also won a bunch of Most Popular on Awards last year, so it probably has its own wing.

For also adds a number of awards earned in the 20th Annual Automotive Loyalty Awards, which were presented by IHS Automotive during the 2016 Detroit Auto Show. Ford won for overall loyalty to a make and loyalty among African-American consumers for a second year in a row, and the F-Series and Mustangs were also awarded for loyalty in their respective segments.

Pretty soon here, Ford is going to need to start considering a second trophy island.

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