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Ford Kicks Off 2016 Employee Drive and Innovation Experience

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Ford Super Duty Ford World Headquarters

Ford this week is holding its 2016 Employee Drive and Innovation Experience at its World Headquarters in Dearborn. At this annual event, Ford employees are given the opportunity to test out the automaker’s latest products, including new vehicles like the 2017 Ford Escape, Fusion, and Super Duty and technologies including FordPass and Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Ford employees the world over flock to the Ford Employee Drive and Innovation Experience to get behind the wheels of vehicles they might not otherwise consider owning. Dave Schwartz, an IT manager from the UK, found himself compelled to drive and ultimately impressed by Ford’s toughest and most advanced Super Duty ever built.

“It took a little while to realize I couldn’t be so aggressive as I normally am in the small cars, but it was a great drive,” said Schwartz. “The technology and the comfort were pretty impressive.”

He added that the information that he has learned at the drive events helps to inform not only his understanding of the product, but the conversations he has about those products with people who do not work for Ford.

“I work in IT, and I’m proud to be part of the Ford family, but I rarely get to touch a car or see a car,” he said. “I do things that eventually reach it, but being able to touch and see the end product and be able to articulate that to others is a real benefit.”

PMT engineer Emily Wolbeck told that she enjoyed driving the F-450 Super Duty and learning about the application of recycled materials in Ford vehicles.

“It was like a test drive at the dealership but a lot more fun because you get to go farther,” she said. “I think it’s great because not every employee is going to go to the dealership and try every single car we have. It shows Ford really cares about its employees that it’s willing to put on such a huge event.”

The 2016 Employee Drive and Innovation Experience runs from September 19 through September 30. To sign up, visit