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Ford Korea Opens 2017 Applications for Ford Conservation and Environmental Grants

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2017 Ford Conservation and Environmental Grants

Ford Motor Company Korea has opened up the application process for its 2017 Ford Conservation and Environmental Grants. The automaker will provide funding totaling KRW 25 million to individuals and non-profits working toward the goal of environmental responsibility. The program is sponsored by Korea’s Ministry of Environment.

“As a responsible citizen of the environment, Ford Korea has sponsored a wide array of grassroots environmental campaigns for last 15 years,” said Ford Korea President Jaehee Jung. “We at Ford Korea will continuously work hard to change the perception of conservation and environment via ‘Ford Conservation & Environmental Grants.’”

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The Ford Conservation and Environmental Grants began in 2002 and have focused on everything from protecting endangered species, forest conservation, and restoration of culture heritage. Over the course of 15 campaigns, Ford Korea has provided a total of KRW 500 million to 101 individuals and non-profits.

For 2017, the campaign is focusing on the theme of water conservation; individuals and groups will have until September 30th to devise plans and projects aimed at conserving water in their communities. The winners will ultimately be selected and will receive a share of the KRW 25 million in grants.

Ford Korea will also be conducting a “Ford Water Conservation Slogan Contest” on its Facebook page to stir interest and conversations among people of all ages.

Since 1983, Ford Motor Company has provided more than $5 million USD in grants to fund environmental projects in 60 different countries.

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