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Ford Launches Omnicraft Parts Line in Europe

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Omnicraft parts

Ford announced its Omnicraft parts line in January, providing dealerships with parts to use when making services or repairs for vehicles not falling under the Ford umbrella. The Ford Customer Service Division this week revealed that it has now brought Omnicraft to dealerships in Europe, providing customers with high-quality parts for any vehicle that can be installed by expertly-trained Ford technicians.

“Omnicraft is the first new brand offered by FCSD in more than 40 years and is an important growth opportunity for dealerships as they will be able to sell parts and offer service for all vehicles,” said John Cooper, vice president, Ford Customer Service Division. “Omnicraft is a significant benefit to our Ford dealers as they compete in the fastest-growing segment of the overall vehicle aftermarkets business.”

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As was the case when Omnicraft launched in the United States, initial offerings will consist of more commonly-requested parts such as oil filters, brake pads and discs, alternators, and starter motors. After launch, Ford will introduce other, less common parts up to and including engine and cabin air filters, wheel hub assemblies, and brake master cylinders.

Effective upon launch, Omnicraft parts will be available in more than 4,000 FordStores and Ford dealerships across 11 different markets. As the parts offerings proliferate, so too will the number of approved distributors across the continent.

Ford dealerships in Europe also offer the automaker’s Motorcraft line of parts, made specifically to service and repair current and older Ford and Ford-manufactured vehicles.

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