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Ford and MAKE Magazine Create Custom Transit Connect Wagons for Make Faire

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Custom Transit Connect Wagons

Ford’s Custom Transit Connect Wagons

Two custom-built Transit Connect Wagons from Ford and MAKE magazine were put on display at Maker Faire events in San Francisco and New York to show off the van’s ability to be exactly what customers want it to be. [ See the custom Transit Connect wagons in our gallery below ]

MAKE Magazine has been organizing Maker Faire since 2006. It began in the San Francisco Bay Area but has since then taken place in more than 60 cities around the world, including an attendance of nearly 200,000 people in San Francisco and New York City. It features tech enthusiasts, crafters, educators, hobbyists, engineers, and artists of all ages coming together for a huge, global show and tell.

Last weekend, Ford and MAKE Magazine showed off their very own personalized Transit Connect Wagons: the Hackmobile and the Happy Mutant Mobile. The Hackmobile features shelving and storage for tools to do woodworking, metalworking, and 3D fabrication, while the Happy Mutant Mobile is devoted to technology and culture with a large outdoor screen and LED signs.

“Whether it’s used as a people mover or to carry cargo, the spirit of the vehicle is in how it can be transformed by its owners to express their passions,” said Minyang Jiang, brand manager for Ford Transit Connect Wagon. “We think these two vehicles are a perfect example of the unminivan, of how to inspire the imagination in a new way.”

Check out our gallery of the two Custom Transit Connect Wagons below: