Ford F-150 History

Ford F-150 History

Ford F-150 History


The Ford F-150 has been the best-selling vehicle in the US for over 30 years, and the best-selling pickup truck for even more, but the iconic workhorse has been in production for much longer than that. Initially introduced in 1948, the Ford F-150 has been helping American workers get the job done right for more than 65 years.

Early History

What we know now was the F-150 was initially introduced as the Ford F-1 back in 1948. In 1953, the F-100 was introduced, but it wouldn’t be until 1975 that consumers would be introduced to the F-150 nameplate. In its first year in production, the F-150 was responsible for more than one-third of all F-Series sales, and thus, the legend was born.

The Ford F-150 has gone through an amazing 13 generations, and still continues to be America’s best-selling vehicle.

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Recent History

Currently preparing to enter its thirteenth generation, the Ford F-150 continues to attract buyers through new trims, including the SVT Raptor, Limited, and Platinum editions. Ford did offer a Harley Davidson Edition of the F-150, but recently discontinued it.

Powering the F-150 today is a versatile suite of revolutionary EcoBoost engines that use turbocharging to deliver expected power with maximum fuel efficiency.


In addition to simply being the best-selling vehicle in America for over three decades, the Ford F-150 has won a host of awards:

  • Motor Trend 2009 Pick-Up of the Year Award
  • Kelley Blue Book’s 2009 Best Redesigned Vehicle
  • Texas Auto Writers Association’s “Truck of Texas” and “Best Luxury Pickup” in 2009
  •’s Best Overall Half-Ton Pick-up
  • Popular Mechanics’ “Automotive Excellence” award

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