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Ford Mulling Possible Candidates for Future RS Performance Vehicles

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2016 Ford Focus RS

When the united Ford Performance sub-brand was announced last year, it was revealed that there would be no fewer than 12 new vehicles built by 2020. Even with a plethora of exciting performance vehicles already disclosed—including the 2016 Focus RS—there’s still plenty of room for expansion left.

According to Steve Odell, Ford’s Executive Vice President of global marketing, sales, and service, there are indeed plans in place to bring additional RS models to market in the future. In speaking with Auto Express, Odell stated that the brand value of the RS badge is enough to necessitate expansion.

Odell did deny, however, the suggestion that RS-badged vehicles would form a sub-brand all their own. “Ford is the brand,” Odell said. “When we went out and said ‘Transit is a brand, Focus is a brand,’ we did ourselves a disservice. Ford is the brand.”

Ford is the brand, y’all.

Among the namebadges being discussed for RS-ification are the Mondeo and Kuga, which would likely be European exclusives, although that performance treatment could very well translate to the Fusion and Escape stateside. The Fiesta RS, on the other hand, has been rumored to be coming stateside for some time. Odell would not comment on specific models potentially due for the RS treatment.

News Source: Auto Express