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Ford Taps Parsons for Mustang Capsule Collection

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Mustang Capsule Collection

The Mustang capsule collection and its inspriation

To celebrate the launch of the Mustang Unleashed t-shirt lineup (which is worth checking out if you’re a pony car fan with a keen eye for fashion and 40 bucks to burn on a shirt), Ford gathered up some of the finest young talents from Parsons The New School for Design to put together a Mustang capsule collection.

The up-and-comers put together 34 unique looks to display at the launch of Mustang Unleashed, which also included a special guest appearance from the very vehicle that inspired the t-shirt line: the 2015 Mustang.

“Mustang embraces passion, freedom, innovation and personalization, and by bringing together the very best of today’s designers and our next-generation talent, we are blending the parallels between the worlds of fashion and automotive like never before,” said Kim Cape, Ford group marketing manager. “The Mustang Unleashed collections celebrate the iconic pony car and its influence on culture and design over the last five decades and in the years to come.”

The Parsons Design Lab Fellows built the Mustang capsule collection around three key themes:

  • Craftsmanship and Technology
  • Freedom and Movement
  • Customization and Personalization

“Truly great designers look across multiple disciplines for inspiration – and that’s just what this incredible partnership is about,” said Simon Collins, dean, Parsons School of Fashion. “Working with Mustang has given our designers firsthand experience with a legendary American brand and has led to a collection of striking, innovative designs.”

Mustang Capsule Collection

Now that these 15 designer-crafted t-shirts (and their $40 price tags) have been unleashed on the world, the question remains: when will the actual Mustang be released? Good news: according to USA Today, you have T-minus 30 days and counting.