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Ford of Canada Offers Incentives for Vehicle Recycling

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Recycle Your Ride Program

By now, we should all be well acquainted with the benefits of recycling paper, cans, bottles, and the like. But what about recycling your car? Ford Motor Company of Canada has a plan for Canucks looking to get out of old junkers and into new Ford vehicles with the Ford Recycle Your Ride program.

The basics: by working with the Automotive Recyclers of Canada (ARC), Ford of Canada can get customers up to $2,500 toward a new Ford by recycling their 2008 model year or older vehicles. According to ARC, as much as 83% of the average vehicle can be recycled. The program also helps ensure that harmful materials such as mercury, lead, refrigerants, antifreeze, oils, and gasoline are disposed of properly.

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Ford says that the recycling program has aided more than 69,500 customers since 2009.

The ARC has developed the Canadian Auto Recyclers Environmental Code (CAREC) to standardize the recycling process for end-of-lifecycle vehicles and maintain the environment by protecting resources from harmful materials.

The Recycle Your Ride program also coincides with Ford’s various and sundry sustainability efforts to reduce its environmental impact.

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