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Ford Offers Tips on How to Stay Cool this Summer

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2015 Ford Edge Phoenix Skyline

A pair of 2015 Ford Edges against the Phoenix skyline

As you might have noticed, it’s starting to get hot outside. That is unless you live in one of those strange, sad places where it’s always cold outside, in which case you probably haven’t noticed it getting hot outside because it’s still cold. Or perhaps you live in one of those places that is always hot, in which case, our condolences. (Unless it’s a nice tropical place, in which case, we’re jealous.)

Anyway! Ford wants you to stay cool out there as the heat begins to rise, so it’s making it a point to point out the functionality of its new vehicles’ air conditioning systems while giving up some tips for staying cool.

Hey! Did you know that Ford’s air conditioning system operates in auto mode, which uses sensors to strike a balance between operational efficiency and maximum comfort, adjusting output to match areas most affected by sunshine? It’s true! They also utilize a limited reheat strategy that cools down air to just below the desired level instead of to levels near freezing, reducing the amount of energy used in the process. Neat!

“We know Ford owners want to stay cool on their summer travels, not only when they first get in their vehicle, but throughout their trip,” said Larry Karas, Ford climate control supervisor. “Here are a few simple tips and tricks for drivers to keep in mind to ensure their vehicle’s air conditioning is running efficiently and keeping all passengers comfortable.”

Here are Larry’s tips:

  • Lower windows completely for the first few minutes after entering a hot car
  • Use max A/C because it’s faster (that’s why it’s called max, ya dingus)
  • Adjust A/C temperatures rather than turning on and off to keep temperature consistent
  • If it seems like there isn’t enough air reaching the back of the vehicle, aim the vents at the ceiling or sides
  • Close the roof shade if you have a moonroof to block out extra heat
  • If you live in a place that’s often hot, choose a brighter exterior color to deflect heat

See! Helpful, right? Yeah! Now you’ll definitely be able to stay cool out there.