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Ford Police Interceptor Sales Boom, Market Share Increases in 2013

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Ford Police InterceptorAccording to estimates gleaned from Polk registration data, the Ford Police Interceptor gained a whopping 9 points of LEO vehicle market share last year. The impressive sales growth experience by the Ford Police Interceptor—48 percent year-over-year—more than doubled the segment’s overall growth (22 percent).

Ford attributes the growth to, among other things, the introduction of two new vehicle body styles, standard all-wheel drive, and available EcoBoost® engine options.

“We revolutionized our police vehicle lineup with three key changes that differentiate us from the competition,” said Jonathan Honeycutt, police marketing manager at Ford, in a press release. “The new utility vehicle body style meets officers’ growing storage needs; standard all-wheel drive for most models is an industry-first that provides greater mobility and security; plus, expanding the range of EcoBoost engines gives law enforcement agencies more options to suit their needs.

“Together, these three ingredients are driving sales growth and market share gains for Ford.”

Ford Police Interceptor

According to the data, the police utility vehicle based upon the Explorer made up 60 percent of all Ford Police Interceptor sales and was the best-selling police vehicle in the country. Ford also boasts the country’s fastest (the Ford Taurus Police Interceptor) and most fuel-efficient (Special Service Police Sedan) LEO vehicle.

More information of the complete Ford Police Interceptor lineup can be found at