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Ford Releases Annual Looking Further Trends Report

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Lookinf Further with Ford 2016 Trends Report

Ford today released the Looking Further with Ford 2016 Trends report, wherein the automaker kicks out a number of facts that could presumably be tied to how it will attempt to market its products and the trends that it assumes will dominate the marketplace in 2016.

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According to Ford, the top trends in 2016 are as follows:

  1. Embracing Heroes: Finding inspiration in everyday heroes
  2. Swiss Army Life: Downsizing and getting more utility of few things
  3. Time Poverty: Making the most of little time
  4. EZ Life, Brought to You by the Connected Concierge: Outsourcing responsibilities through artificial intelligence
  5. Mindful Goes Mainstream: Having time to reflect and gather one’s thoughts
  6. In Awe of Aging: Redefining what it means to be elderly with better health care and nutrition
  7. Fit for Misfits: Making meaningful and personalized connections to brands
  8. Waste Not, Want Not: Promoting resourcefulness through reusing and recycling
  9. Buying into the Flexible Economy: The rise of freelancing
  10. Retail Revolution: Retail becoming focused on the experiential

Whether any of this actually hold any water with the way Ford will conduct its business in 2016, who knows. In any case, it’s a pretty neat-looking infographic. It’s also full of other interesting insights, including the fact that people are more likely to share positive news than negative and Millennials are more willing to stand out than fit in.

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