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Ford Reunites the ‘Mighty Morphin Power Rangers’ for Ford Escape Commercials

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Ford assembled the original cast of Power Rangers to participate in two of its Overdubs videos promoting the 2017 Ford Escape

The Rangers reunite for a worthy cause: to sell Fords
Photo: Saban Entertainment

Given last week’s theatrical release, I suppose Power Rangers is officially a thing once again. Or more specifically Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, as Japan probably produces more Power Rangers series each year than it does Toyota vehicles.

Power Rangers, a film-based remake of the action franchise, primarily draws its inspiration from the first Power Rangers series, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. However, it would appear that Hollywood isn’t the only one drawing inspiration from these costumed teens with attitudes.

Ford recently created a series of commercials starring the original Power Rangers. And by that, I mean that the automotive brand actually managed to reunite the cast who originally portrayed the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

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The videos, which are a part of Ford’s “Overdubs” viral campaign, use the Power Rangers to highlight the features of the 2017 Ford Escape. I guess it only makes sense that characters from a television series designed to sell toys are now being used to sell Ford vehicles.

Of course, the Power Rangers claim to get a lot of use out of the Ford Escape. Tommy the White Ranger, formerly the Green Ranger, even says that the Escape can be used to carry around Zord parts. Which I highly doubt, considering the size of the Zords.

I mean, look at the size of those things!
Photo: Saban Entertainment

The first video from Ford dubs over a talk-show appearance by the Power Rangers. The focus of this spot is the 2017 Ford Escape’s nine colorful exterior options. Because who better to promote colorful vehicle paint jobs than the team that looks like a walking rainbow?

It’s like fighting a bag of Skittles
Photo: Saban Entertainment

The Red Ranger, unsurprisingly, suggests the “Ruby Red” exterior of the Ford Escape. Meanwhile, Billy the Blue Ranger, always the scientific one, explains that his experiments prove that “Lightning Blue” is the best color for the Escape.

From there, you can guess which color each Power Ranger will suggest for the Ford Escape simply by looking at their own color scheme. Of course, since the Ford Escape doesn’t come in bright pink, Kimberly the Pink Ranger instead advises drivers to choose “Canyon Ridge,” which is a “Morphenominal” way to say “Burnt Orange.” Her words, not mine.

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You can view this “Morphenominal” video below:

What’s truly surprising about the video is that you are hearing the original Power Rangers’ voices. Ford went all out for its Overdubs campaign by reuniting the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

David Yost, Steve Cardenas, Karan Ashley, Amy Jo Johnson, and veteran voice actor Johnny Yong Bosch reprise their roles as the Blue, Red, Yellow, Pink, and Black Rangers, respectively. Ford even managed to convince Jason David Frank, who has since gone on to pursue a successful MMA career, to once again voice Tommy the White Ranger.

He can kick your butt on the show and in real life!
Photo: Pat Loika

Frank also lends his voice for the second Ford Power Rangers video, “Bow to My Engine.” Rather than starring the Rangers themselves, this video centers on a conflict between Power Rangers enemies Goldar and Scorpina.

So what exactly causes two of Rita Repulsa’s most repulsive monsters to butt heads? Why an argument over which Ford Escape engine is better, of course!

The Ford Escape crossover comes with new safety and entertainment technology for the 2017 model year, while still maintaining a starting MSRP of $23,600

The cause of many monster arguments

Goldar argues that his 1.5-liter EcoBoost engine is more fuel efficient. Meanwhile, Scorpina believes that her 2.0-liter EcoBoost engine provides more horsepower.

Ultimately, Power Rangers leader Zordon suggests that the Rangers break up the argument by highlighting features that are available on all Ford Escape models, such as Ford’s SYNC 3 system. My Power Rangers memory might be fading a bit, but I don’t quite remember the fights being settled like that in the show.

Regardless, you can watch the argument in all of its glory in the video below:

Power Rangers is simply the latest franchise in Ford’s lineup of “Overdubs” commercials, which dub over popular television shows, movies, and video games with promotions for Ford vehicles. The first franchise to get the Ford treatment was Dragon Ball Z.

You can watch that “Overdub” video below:

Other franchises included in the campaign include Sailor Moon and video game series Metal Gear Solid. Because when I think of Ford, I think of Sailor Moon and Solid Snake.

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Photo: Konami

If Ford wishes to continue promoting its vehicles with Power Rangers, then perhaps it should consider the Power Rangers Turbo series. After all, that is the Power Rangers incarnation where they actually drive around vehicles instead of dinosaurs.

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