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Ford Says Its Trucks Own Work on Labor Day

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2015 Ford F-150 Cowboy Stadium Construction

Today is Labor Day, and so Ford is taking it upon itself to remind the world that its vehicles—specifically its F-150 and Super Duty trucks—“own work,” both in the present and throughout history.

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Ford issued a press release on Monday morning highlighting a number of work-related statistics concerning its F-Series trucks. The numbers indicate that the Ford Super Duty and Ford F-150 are increasingly popular choices for professionals in varying blue collar jobs.

82% of the waste management industry, 78% of government workers, and 54% of road construction workers use the Ford Super Duty in their professions. 73% of all electric service workers; 61% of water, sewer, and pipeline construction workers; and 56% of crude petroleum and natural gas workers use the F-150.

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1925 Ford Model T Truck Prisoner Transport

1925 Ford Model T Truck Prisoner Transport

Ford also details the involvement of Ford trucks in the construction of the Hoover Dam and in building more than 2,000 miles of road and 70,000 miles of trails throughout Alaska. More recently, the 2015 Ford F-150 has been integral in the construction of Dallas Cowboys headquarters in Frisco, Texas, which is set to be completed next fall.

“We’ve had good luck in regards to the reliability of Ford trucks and we have a lot of history with Ford. We also like that we can be consistent from F-150 up to F-750 throughout our fleet,” said Lynn Vanlandingham, VP of Equipment Operations, Mario Sinacola and Sons. Mario Sinacola and Sons is the contractor responsible for the construction of the facility.

“The Cowboys organization has a longstanding partnership with Ford Motor Company,” said Stephen Jones, Chief Operating Officer, Dallas Cowboys. “It’s great to know that the workhorse of Ford, the F-150, is helping in the building of the future home of the Dallas Cowboys.”

And what’s more American than the Dallas Cowboys?

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