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Ford Split View Camera Helps Drivers Navigate Tough Situations

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Ford Split View Camera

If you’ve ever been in a scenario where you have had to inch your vehicle forward to be able to look past an inconveniently placed obstacle and determine if you are able to safely proceed, then the Ford Front Split View Camera is for you.

The Front Split View Camera—a new option available in the Ford S-MAX and Galaxy in Europe and the 2015 Ford Edge and 2016 Explorer in the United States and China—gives drivers an 180-degree view of the front of the vehicle using a video camera that sits behind the front grille. This enables drivers to see approaching traffic in situations where they would be otherwise blind, reducing the risk of accidents.

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“We have all been there and it’s not just blind junctions that can be stressful, sometimes an overhanging tree, or bushes can be the problem,” said Ronny Hause, engineer, Driver Assistance Electronic Systems, Ford of Europe. “For some, simply driving off their own driveways is a challenge. Much like rear-view cameras, Front Split View Camera is one of those technologies that people will soon wonder how they managed without.”

Ford Split View Camera

Ford says that the Front Split View Camera will also be made available on nearly all of its SUVs by 2020.

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