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Ford Survey Finds Europeans Are More Willing to Share Cars

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The results of a Ford-commissioned survey given to 10,016 respondents in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom reveal that Europeans are now increasingly more receptive to sharing with their neighbors—everything from their vehicles to their homes.

The survey found that 55% of respondents were open to the idea of sharing their vehicles for money. Further, 78% revealed that they were willing to drive other people, 78% were willing to transport packages, 76% are willing to participate in ride-sharing, 73% would participate in a parking space service, and 72% would car share.

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These numbers compare favorably to the 44% who would share their home, 33% who would share their phone, and 17% who would consider sharing their dog. Yes, seriously. Their dog.

“From cars to music to holidays, people are more prepared to share possessions and services than ever before. From your smartphone, you can quickly and easily borrow someone else’s designer shoes, use their lawnmower, or even walk their dog,” said Will Farrelly, user experience innovation, Ford Smart Mobility. “When it comes to mobility, sharing—whether through car-sharing, ride-sharing, or transporting packages for others—offers flexibility, a potentially more economical alternative, and also can help reduce congestion.”

The survey revealed that Spaniards are most likely to share their vehicles for money (61%), followed by respondents in Italy (58%), France (56%), the UK (50%), and Germany (48%). In terms of driving others, France leads the pack at 87%, followed by Italy at 86%, Germany at 82%, Spain at 80%, and the UK at 58%. 61% of males were amenable to the concept of the sharing economy, compared to 49% of women. Women and men in the 25-34 age demographic willing to partake in vehicle sharing was 68%.

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