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Ford Testing Out New 24/7 Smart Service Kiosk

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Ford Smart Service Kiosk

Ford is teaming with Panasonic System Communications Company of North America to test its Smart Service Kiosk, which is intended to provide customers more flexibility when dropping off or picking up a vehicle at dealerships.

“At Ford, our goal always is to make customers’ lives better, through both our products and services,” said Brad Brownell, director, Ford Global Distribution Strategy. “Smart Service Kiosk enables Ford customers to drop off, pick up, select and pay for their vehicle service on their time, whether it’s outside of dealership service hours or to avoid waiting in line if the service staff is busy.”

The Smart Service Kiosk allows customers to enter their personal information, contact information, and vehicle information via a touchscreen. From there, they can select to drop off the key to their vehicle, which can be retrieved at a later time by entering a confirmation number provided or QR Code provided via email.

The kiosk can be used to select from a number of services provided by a dealership—ranging from inspection and oil change to addressing outstanding recalls—and to pay your service bill with a debit or credit card once that work is completed. The kiosk can also be used to obtain and deposit the keys to a loaner vehicle.

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Ford is testing out the Smart Service Kiosk at Lafontaine Ford in Birch Run, Michigan, where it is undergoing a 90-day trial. Should the test prove fruitful in post-trial assessment, Ford and Panasonic will consider additional testing and/or implementation at other dealerships across the country.

“Panasonic is thrilled to work with Ford on its connected solutions strategy. The new Smart Service Kiosk is an innovative solution designed to enhance Ford’s customer experience,” said Matt O’Connor, vice president, Panasonic System Communications Company of North America.

Panasonic System Communications Company of North America, a division of Panasonic Corporation of North America, worked with GoMoto on the kiosk.

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