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Ford to Debut New Trailer Reverse Guidance Technology on 2017 Super Duty

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Ford’s new Trailer Reverse Guidance technology will be optional for the 2017 Super Duty

The Trailer Reverse Guidance system will make use of seven cameras

Ford and Chevrolet appear to be locked in a “whatever you can do, I can do better” competition when it comes to its respective camera systems that help with towing.

Ford struck first with its Pro Trailer Backup Assist technology, then Chevy responded by developing its own trailering camera system for the Silverado, but Ford responded to that quickly by announcing its new Trailer Reverse Guidance technology that will appear on the 2017 Super Duty.

The Trailer Reverse Guidance technology for next year’s Super Duty will feature three cameras. There will be cameras positioned on both rearview mirrors, and another camera will be located on the tailgate. Those three cameras will work together to provide the driver with a wide-ranging view of what’s happening behind the truck. The display screen will also include color-coding and a diagram that will show the angle of the trailer. Ford has two patents pending for this new technology.

Besides those three cameras used for the new guidance system, the 2017 Super Duty could use up to four more cameras. There will be a camera inside the Super Duty, located close to the rearview mirror and additional cameras will be situated on the front grille and above the center high mounted stop lamp. The latter camera will provide a view of the cargo box, which will help with hooking up goosenecks and fifth-wheel trailers. An optional camera can also be added to the back of your trailer to provide even greater visibility.

Ford says its Trailer Reverse Guidance technology is one of 14 class-exclusive features on the 2017 Super Duty, but the American automaker did not provide any information about how much the new technology will cost.

“Super Duty customers are very proficient when it comes to towing and backing up a trailer; they do it every day,” said Jennifer Shaw, who is a Driver Assistance Supervisor at Ford. “So this system is designed to give them a little bit more — some extended vision. They know how to backup the trailer, but it’s really helpful to have some additional views.”

Video: The ’17 Super Duty With Trailer Reverse Guidance

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