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Ford to Unveil 2016 Mustang GT/CS on Monday

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Mustang GT California Special Badge

We’re not sure if you had anything in particular to look forward to on Monday—if you’re anything like most folks, probably not, because Mondays are inherently terrible. Well, if you’re a Mustang fan, you’ll be no doubt thrilled to learn that Monday now has at least one good thing to offer you—the reveal of the 2016 Mustang GT California Special.

So, what do we know thus far about the 2016 Mustang GT California Special? Next to nothing! It’s got a badge—that much we can tell you—and it will likely be little more than a re-tweaked next-gen Mustang GT with special badging and maybe some additional visual tweaks including an exclusive color and some new wheels. Of course, we will know all on May 11th, at which point we will actually be able to tell you what the new California Special entails.

Ford has offered GT/CS editions intermittently since 1968. Recently, the 2014 GT/CS cost $1,995 on top of the price of the GT Premium and included a billet grille with tri-bar Mustang pony logo, new lower facia lip, side scoops, pedestal rear spoiler, and the same rear fascia as that found on the GT500.

Stay tuned!