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Ford Torture-Tested the 2015 F-150 Like it Was Making a ‘Saw’ Movie

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Ford Torture-Tested the 2015 F-150

“Hello, F-150. I want to play a game.”

If you ask an individual what they would consider torture, a good lot would probably blurt out something about spending the week with the in-laws before slinking backwards behind a halfhearted chuckle. While we cannot say with any certainty how well the 2015 Ford F-150 would hold up to your mum-in-law’s endless talk about her beet garden (“Oh, they’ll come in real good, you’ll see, I’ve been treating them with a mixture of water and Dr. Pepper, seriously, my girlfriend, Betty, y’know from my bridge club, well she…”), we can tell you 10 different ways Ford torture-tested the 2015 F-150.

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“We wanted to build the toughest, most capable F-150, while making it as much as 700 pounds lighter,” said Pete Reyes, Ford F-150 chief engineer, in a statement. “We challenged the team to torture the truck harder than any F-150 before it.”

While there was no mention of forcing the F-150 to squirm endlessly on the couch next to its significant other while its mother showed off pictures of its awkward teenage years, the tests outlined by Ford sound nonetheless grueling. In fact, some of them are downright sadistic, leading one to believe that Ford engineers could devise traps that would make Jigsaw weep. They include:

Seven-Channel Input

Because Ford is apparently in the business of making a “torture rack,” this contraption twists and shakes the truck with tremendous force for five days non-stop. This is intended to simulate the impact of 225,000 miles on the road, and engineers record all data collected in order to stress the frame and body to see how it responds.

Silver Creek

Sounding vaguely like the name of a bad b-movie horror show given the circumstances, Ford’s engineers took the 2015 F-150 to the famous Romeo, Michigan durability course to test its performance on broken concrete and over enormous potholes.

Power Hop Hill

A step-grade, off-road dirt trail in the Hualapai Mountains in Arizona tests wear on transmission and engine parts.

Drop Drop

Take a bunch of 55-gallon drums and drop them into the bed of an F-150 so that the rim of the drum is the first part to strike. It’s every bit as unpleasant as it sounds.

Corrosion Bath

To test the 2015 F-150’s high-strength steel frame and high-strength aluminum alloy body, they are sprayed with acid in order to simulate 10 years of exposure to the elements. The F-150 made it through Ford’s elaborate “car wash of death” unscathed.

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To check out the other five ways that Ford torture-tested the 2015 F-150, check out their full release. For the latest information on all upcoming pickups, stay tuned to The News Wheel!