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Ford Tweets Captain Planet Overdubs Ad for 2016 Focus Electric

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Ford Focus Electric Captain Planet Parody

A couple of months ago, Ford put forth a couple of online adverts for its 2016 Focus and 2017 Fusion Titanium that saw voice actor David Hayter reprising his role as Snake, the international man of mystery/thinly-veiled Kurt Russel expy around whom the Metal Gear franchise is built. As far as blatant plays on the nostalgia of Millennials go, it was a pretty wise move, as the idea of once again hearing Hayter’s growly interpretation of the special ops super soldier who loves hiding in boxes and knows the true answer to the question of whether love can bloom on the battlefield garnered a whole bunch of views.

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Of the five-video Overdubs series, an advertisement that utilizes the Planeteers of Captain Planet fame got the fewest views. For one reason or another, perhaps thinking that it had been overlooked in the relative hoopla surrounding Hayter’s return to the role of Solid Snake, Ford opted to tweet the video out again on Monday.

There were some responses. This is one of them:

Flush Button

This right here is a man to whom Enzo Amore would no doubt refer as a “haytah.”

Speaking of professional wrestling, one tweet asked a very, very important question:

WCW Tweet

Ford has worked with WWE superstar The Rock in the past, but it should be noted that the company went to extreme lengths to make sure that the fact that he was a former professional wrestler was not mentioned at all in promoting his commercials. But, hey, who knows, maybe they can get a hold of Tony Schiovane and have him do some voiceover work for the next F-150 commercial. Couldn’t be too much worse than Denis Leary.

Now, if we could just get an ad where Dolph Lundgren dresses up like Captain Planet and does some science stuff? Gold.

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