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Ford Vehicles Co-Star in New Season of The X-Files

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Mulder and Scully return Ford Explorer Platinum

There are those who say that the truth is out there. Another thing that is out there: Ford. Not only is Ford out there, but it’s arguably more easily found than the truth, particularly on the long-awaited 10th season of The X-Files.

Ford vehicles including the Explorer, Escape, Mustang, and Taurus will be appearing throughout the six-episode return of television’s spookiest show. Most notably, the Explorer Platinum featured prominently in scenes from last Sunday’s episode, the second part of the two-part premiere.

This is no mere coincidence, mind you: Ford understands that the presence of its utility vehicles on television make for great promotion. Pairing them with two of the most beloved characters in sci-fi TV is just icing on the cake.

“Pairing the vehicle that set the bar for SUVs with the show that set the standard for sci-fi television is a great relationship,” said Ginger Kasanic, Ford marketing manager, SUVs and technology. “To be a part of an iconic television show that is so technology-centric is a perfect fit for Explorer—a vehicle loaded with driver-assist technology.”

Keep an eye out for Ford’s various vehicles throughout the X-Files relaunch. Unlike its numerous monsters, they likely won’t be lurking in the shadows.