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FordInclusiveWorks Pilot Program Offers Work Experience for Individuals with Autism

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Ford is launching a new pilot program, known as FordInclusiveWorks, which will provide real work experience for those individuals with autism

Ford has developed specific roles that will cater to the strengths of individuals with autism

The Ford Motor Company has a long history of providing a diverse and inclusive workforce, which recently expanded even further thanks to the launch of the FordInclusiveWorks pilot program.

This new program, which will begin on June 1stgives individuals with autism the chance to gain work experience with the company. FordInclusiveWorks is funded by Ford and the Autism Alliance of Michigan. With this program, five new roles have been created in Ford’s product development organization, which were specifically developed to suit the skills and capabilities of those people with autism.

“Individuals with autism bring a unique set of talents to our business,” says Felicia Fields, Ford group vice president, human resources and corporate services. “We recognize that having a diverse and inclusive workforce allows us to leverage a wider range of innovative ideas to make our customers’ lives better.”

A few of the tasks that participants in this program will be asked to perform are logging and prepping tires used by Ford engineers in the vehicle evaluation and verification test lab. These tasks are said to require extreme focus and attention to detail, which are two areas that are typically known as strengths for people with autism.

Ford will evaluate all FordInclusiveWorks participants for future employment. If a participant seems like a good fit, they will begin Ford’s standard recruiting process.

Individuals with autism who are interested in future pilot programs are asked to reach out to the Autism Alliance of Michigan. That way they can start preparing them on how to become successful in the workplace.