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FordPass Lets Drivers Pre-Pay for Parking in 160 Cities

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FordPass Parking

Anyone and everyone who has ever gotten behind the wheel of a vehicle and tasked with leaving it in a space or lot in a city of even moderate size can probably agree: parking sucks.

A Harris Poll discovered that Americans spend an average of about 14 minutes of their day looking for parking spots before going to class or work, and an average of 12 minutes for those who are simply out to run errands. In any given week, that’s an average of one hour lost to the horrors of trying to find parking, and it is a significant motivator for the 34% of respondents who said that they use alternate means of transportation for their daily commutes.

Ford is looking to alleviate some of that hassle with FordPass, which recently added the capability to find, book, and pay for parking at garages in some 160 cities across the country.

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“Finding and paying for parking is one of the biggest pain points for drivers,” said Elena Ford, Ford Motor Company vice president, Global Dealer and Consumer Experience. “This new feature is just one of many ways we are delivering better, smarter, more efficient mobility solutions for consumers with FordPass.”

By entering their desired destination into FordPass, drivers will be able to view a map that shows parking locations in the vicinity. Using the map, users can check the cost of parking and, after setting up a wallet in FordPay, pay for it in advance. FordPass is free to download and available even to drivers who do not own Ford vehicles.

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