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FordPass the Result of 72-Hour Brainstorming Session, 18 Months of Crazy Notes

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FordPass team developmental meeting

This morning, Ford announced the next step in its quest to become a mobility company in the form of FordPass®, an app that allows customers access to unique services and solutions as well as rewards for loyalty. This latest innovation is the result of a 72-hour, behind-closed-doors brainstorming session at a hotel in Detroit geared specifically toward making the lives of consumers easier.

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“It was really competitive, with people moving between rooms trying to determine what owners, ride-sharers and general commuters would want out of a world-class customer experience,” said Elena Ford, Ford’s vice president, Global Dealer and Consumer Experience.

By the end of the session, FordPass was but one of 10 names being considered for “the big idea” to come. During the streamlining process, it was determined that key functions for the FordPass app would include remote start capabilities, parking location and payment services, perk accumulation and redemption, bill-pay through Ford Credit, FordGuide interaction, and roadside assistance.

While it took only a year and a half for FordPass to come together, it was said to have been a messy process, with notes literally hanging from the ceiling of the Ford Command Center at Dearborn headquarters. When an 80-inch television was inadequate for displaying idea, pieces of cardboard were drilled into the wall to accommodate notes and sketches; when that proved to not be enough, cardboard was hanged from the ceiling to display more mockups.

FordPass will be launching in the United States this coming April, with expected international roll-out to follow.

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