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Found on eBay: World’s Most Advanced Gaming Trailer

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Gaming Trailer

We know this look of intensity well

Have you ever had one of those days where you are trying like heck to survive the onslaught of a Level 100 Greater Nephalem Rift with your best online chums (i.e. the couple of folks who don’t hurl insults at you for no reason whatsoever) when your husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend/mom/dad/child/concerned party barges in and tells you to get up and get out so that they can watch Judge Judy?

Ever followed that up by muttering to yourself that, man, if you had your own gaming den, then you’d really have it made, only to then go off on a brief mental toot about how you could be starting your own personal arcade business that would attract folks from all over and help you pay the bills?

Have $25,500 or more to spare? Then you’re going to want to check out this eBay auction for a 26-foot trailer with 25 different consoles and seating for 24 people.

Gaming Trailer


According to the description from seller charliepass, your successful bid on the “World’s Most Advanced Gaming Trailer” will net you all of the following:

The 2013 enclosed trailer has 25  Xbox 360’s [sic], 25  24″  1080p monitors, 24  headsets (8 turtle beaches [sic], 8 Tritons, and 8 after glows), a security system with DVR, game cabinet, two generators with heavy duty cords (one generator is 10k watts), 24 chairs (mounted), 26 wireless Xbox 360 controllers, state-of-the-art lighting system, a surround sound system for music) [sic] and a roof mounted AC/Heating system.

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Even better news: you get a basically brand-new gaming trailer at a heavily-cut price from what the seller was originally expecting. A previous listing that ended with no offers had a starting bid of $49,000—which included a 2006 Ford F-250 turbodiesel—and a second listing (also ended without a bid) offered to upgrade to current-gen consoles if the bidding reached $73,000.

gaming trailer with Ford F-250

The relisted gaming trailer—with a lowered $39,000 Buy It Now price—doesn’t specify whether the F-250 is included this go round, but if it indeed is, this could very well be a steal at $25,500.

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gaming trailer