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Four Customized Mitsubishi Models Prepared for Tokyo Auto Salon

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Mitsubishi Custom Outlander PHEV

Mitsubishi is introducing four customized models at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2016

Mitsubishi is going all out for the Tokyo Auto Salon 2016. The Japanese carmaker is bringing a total of four customized models to the show, and is appealing specifically to the outdoorsman in us all.

The four Mitsubishi models are customized to create a comfortable camping experience for everyone, appealing to a wide audience whose interests lie in the outdoors. There are two Outlander PHEV SUVs, which are both pair with one of the two Delica D:5 MPV models—which are multi-purpose vehicles not available in the US—for custom purposes.

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For the first Outlander PHEV/Delica pairing, Mitsubishi used a pearl white matte body color and orange painted front and rear bumpers, side elements, fog lamp bezels, and aluminum wheel trims. Mitsubishi created these two vehicles for those consumers that enjoy outdoor leisure sports, which is why each come with a bike rack on their roof. The big differences are in the pair’s sizes. The Outlander comes with 20-inch aluminum wheels, while the Delica is outfitted with 16-inch alloys.

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Mitsubishi’s second pairing of customized vehicles focuses on those consumers that like to camp out. Each model enhances the comfort and convenience of camping, offering a roof box for storage on the Outlander PHEV. Both models come with 20-inch rims and a matte silver hue. There are even some camo bits to enhance the models’ outdoors-y feel.

Though we’re still waiting to get the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV here in the US, it’s hard not to get excited when you see the extensive customization this eco-friendly car has to offer.

News Source: CarScoops