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France Gets Design Edition Nissan Juke and Qashqai

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Design Edition Nissan Juke and QasqaiNissan is all about special editions, many of which rarely make it to the United States. The latest limited edition to be offered by the Japanese automaker is so exclusive, you can only get it in France.

What do we have to thank France for? How about the metric system? We’re one of the last nations on Earth that hasn’t been infected by this overly logical system of measurement. A Frenchman also invented the V8 engine, which we gladly stole and made a trademark of American automotive might, because V8 engines are loud and awesome.

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Anyways, the French have been awarded for their contributions with two special Design Edition Nissan crossovers. The Juke will be available with red side mirrors, gear knob, door trim, and seat stitching with an all-black headliner. It also gets a special paint, Arctic White, and upgraded wheels.

Design Edition Nissan Juke and Qasqai

The Qasqai drops the red trim of the Juke Design Edition in favor of more standard options like parking sensors, auto climate control, and upgraded wheels. The Qashqai Design Edition also gets a standard glass roof, and both vehicles come standard with tinted rear windows.

As Americans, our last hope for a limited edition automotive tribute lies on the shoulders of the 2016 Titan, because we love trucks. We’ve walked on the Moon. We deserve it.

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