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Free Car-Sharing Program WaiveCar to Use Hyundai Ioniq Electric Cars

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Hyundai teams up with WaiveCar to provide IONIQ electric vehicles for free car-sharing program

Hyundai has announced a partnership with WaiveCar, an innovative, completely free all-electric car-sharing program that runs entirely on advertising revenue. The team up will enable millions of drivers to get behind the wheel of the all-new Hyundai Ioniq electric compact car at no charge.

WaiveCar will give consumers the ability to drive Ioniq EVs free and on-demand for two hours at a time. In exchange for providing the vehicles, Hyundai will get some marketing exposure, as the vehicles will be wrapped in advertising that includes a roof-mounted digital display.

The digital displays are 4G connected, enabling geo-targeted ads, like the words “This commute would be a lot more comfortable in a Hyundai IONIQ” being displayed during traffic jams. It’s an advertising strategy that could prove as effective as those Korean car commercials for the IONIQ starring Garfield (just kidding, nothing could ever top those).

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“WaiveCar presents some great solutions for us,” said Hyundai corporate planning and strategy executive Mark Dipko. “The Ioniq offers emissions-free transportation to on-the-go Angelenos. This partnership allows us to reach potential customers and give them the opportunity to test drive our outstanding Ioniq electric while generating awareness for the Ioniq brand at the same time.”

When it launches in early 2017, the program will mark Hyundai’s first large-scale involvement in car-sharing. To use the service, customers simply have to download WaiveCar’s app for iPhone or Android, find an Ioniq near them, book it, and hit the road. WaiveCar then remotely unlocks the door, and the keys will be waiting inside for consumers.

After the free two-hour drive is up, users are to return the car at any designated spot for the next user to pick up, or they can continue using the Ioniq for $5.99 an hour.

WaiveCar plans to deploy 150 Ioniqs throughout Los Angeles in the first half of 2017, and launch in three additional cities by the end of 2017 using 250 more EVs.

“We are extremely excited to be working together with Hyundai,” said Zoli Honig, WaiveCar’s CTO and Co-Founder. “Providing low cost, eco-friendly transportation alternatives to consumers is our core mission and offering the IONIQ will accelerate that goal. We believe this partnership will be tremendously beneficial for Hyundai, WaiveCar, our customers, and the environment.”

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