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Full 2015 Mustang Fuel Economy Figures Released

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2015 Mustang fuel economy

Back in August, we got an early peak at what to expect as far as fuel economy goes for the new 2015 Ford Mustang. The EPA has released its final estimates for the new Mustang, and it seems that this year’s model actually has slightly poorer fuel economy than that of the outgoing model.

Here’s the breakdown:

2015 Mustang Fuel Economy

Fuel Economy (MPG)
Cost (Annual)
V6 Manual 17 city/28 highway/21 combined $2,450
V6 Auto 19 city/28 highway/22 combined $2,350
EcoBoost Manual 22 city/31 highway/26 combined $1,950
EcoBoost Auto 21 city/32 highway/25 combined $2,050
V8 Manual 15 city/25 highway/19 combined $2,700
V8 Auto 16 city/25 Highway/19 combined $2,700

The base model winds up getting 1 mpg combined fewer than the 2014 model with either transmission. The base V6 with a manual transmission winds up getting 1 mpg fewer both in the city and on the highway. The biggest surprise, perhaps, is that the V6 automatic gets a whopping 3 mpg fewer on the highway than its predecessor.

As far as the Mustang GT goes, the manual V8 gets 1 mpg fewer on the highway; the automatic V8 gets 2 mpg fewer in the city one 1 mpg fewer combined.

Naturally, the winner here is the EcoBoost, which not only has no predecessor to which it can be compared, but also winds up saving an average of $400 in annual fuel costs when compared to the base model.

While the base Mustang and the V8 both show losses in fuel economy, they are marginal enough that they shouldn’t carry any substantial impact on Mustang sales when they arrive in dealerships next month.

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