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‘Furious 8’ Uses $17 Million Worth of Cars for Single Scene

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Furious 8 Vehicles

Racks and racks and racks and racks of awesome cars are featured in a behind-the-scenes video for Furious 8

The Fast and the Furious franchise is popular for a few reasons. It’s got the makings of any good action movie with plenty of explosions and amazingly fast—and drool-worthy—vehicles. Because of these explosions and action scenes, it can be easy to forget that the first film in the franchise actually focused mostly on street racing.

Now, though, this is all about to change. In a recent behind-the-scenes video, we got a glimpse of a collection of vehicles that will make any petrol head swoon—and it’s all for a single scene in Furious 8, the most recent franchise film.

If that’s not proof that the Fast and the Furious franchise is going back to its humble street-racing start, then we don’t know what is.

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The video is a total of 16 minutes of live action, showcasing every single type of vehicle imaginable. There are hot rods, muscle cars, and high-end exotics galore. A twin-turbo Lamborghini Gallardo is included next to a Dodge Challenger Hellcat, mixing together a variety of brands you typically wouldn’t see together. In all, the collection is thought to exceed $17 million, according to Dennis McCarthy, the head honcho for the franchise’s cars.

Let’s hope these cars are all in the one scene where nothing blows up.

Fast and Furious Explosion

The video was posted on the Fast & Furious Facebook page earlier this week. If you’ve got 16 minutes free in your day, it’s completely worth the time spent. Where else are you going to see so many great cars in one room?

Furious 8 is set to be released on April 14, 2017.

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VIDEO: Watch the Behind-the-Scenes Video

News Source: Facebook