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Fusion Sales in California Contribute to Record Market Share

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Fusion Sales in California

Fusion Sales in California have helped bring Ford’s midsize market share to a record high

The 2014 and 2015 Fusion are getting plenty of California love, as Ford tells us that its midsize sedan continues to grow its market share to record-setting levels thanks to its performance in the largest new vehicle market in America.

Through July, retail registrations for Fusion are up 12 percent in the United States, which doubles the rate of the midsize sedan segment on the whole. In California alone, Fusion registrations are up 27 percent, making it the biggest reason for the model’s early success. California’s growth accounts for 21 percent of its retail growth in the US through the first seven month of the year.

“Fusion is achieving growth in all the right places, especially in California, which is the largest midsize sedan market in the country, followed by Texas,” said Erich Merkle, Ford sales analyst. “Fusion growth in California is growing at twice the rate of the overall midsize sedan segment. Fusion sales and share are both the highest levels we’ve seen.”


2015 Ford Fusion Overview

2015 Ford Fusion

Retail sales in Texas were close behind with a 22 percent retail growth, which makes up 14 percent of all growth in the United States.

As of September, Fusion’s market share stands at 12 percent with record sales in six of nine months thus far.