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Future Nissan Cars Could Tell You How They Feel

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2017 Nissan Sentra NISMO

Cars are sometimes like giant babies. They make noise, or they jerk and shudder, and you have no way to know what is wrong with them. Like a baby with a fever, there are some tools to let you know what the issue might be. A tire pressure warning, like a thermometer, very clearly tells you that the loud noise coming from your wheels is probably being caused by under inflation. Also like babies, cars need to be taken in for routine maintenance that sometimes it is easy to forget about.

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Nissan is looking to make maintaining and fixing a vehicle easier than ever with a generation of internet-connected cars. According to Reuters, Nissan is adding a technology option to its new cars that will have the car talk to its owner and alert them when they need to go in for maintenance or service. The system would go beyond warning lights, though, and allow Nissan to know exactly what is going on with the vehicle and how to fix it. If a driver uses the connected device to make an appointment with a Nissan dealer, it can also help the shop be prepared for the visit with the exact part needed to get the job done.

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Of course, this helps Nissan earn more money in the long run, since the connectivity makes it so much easier to take your car to a dealership than to an independent garage. Drivers that love this new option will also be happy to know that it will be sold as an add-on for older vehicles as well. We’re just looking forward to learning more about how cars operate and keep them better maintained for more miles on the road.

News Source: Reuters