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FYI : The New Nissan Leaf Arrives A Day Early for the US

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2018 Nissan Leaf TeaserBack in June, The News Wheel announced that the new Nissan Leaf would be unveiled on September 6th. All of the promotional materials from the announcement of the reveal to the peeks at the Nissan Leaf’s new technology have constantly touted that date. Well, we would like to both apologize to our American readers and give them a present: The next-generation of the Nissan Leaf will actually be unveiled on September 5th in the United States.

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We spotted this subtle announcement on a recent press release from Nissan, which had a footnote to say that the Nissan Leaf would be unveiled in Japan on September 6th, and in the US on September 5th. American customers won’t be seeing the car earlier than the Japanese because the shift in dates is purely thanks to the difference in time zones.

We can blame this whole snafu on Twitter. Our story reported on the Nissan Leaf’s upcoming reveal using the more popular tweet from the Nissan global account. If we had looked at the Nissan USA page instead, we would have seen that the event would be in the evening in the United States. However, there is no word yet about how late in the evening the unveiling will occur.

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No matter where you live, Nissan will be streaming the big Nissan Leaf event on its global YouTube account for all to see. Once Nissan releases an exact time to show off its latest upgraded model, we will let you know. If you are already so excited about the 100% electric car with zero emissions, take a look at the upcoming events for National Drive Electric Week where it will be making an appearance.