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Garmin’s Speak Integrates Amazon Alexa to Provide In-Car Navigation

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garmin speak alexa

Photo: Garmin

For the first time, Amazon Alexa is outfitted with a mapping function. Buyers interested in this capability can procure this service when they buy Garmin’s Speak product, a high-tech speaker that incorporates the popular virtual assistant into its offerings.

Ned Curic, vice president of automotive at Amazon Alexa, expresses pride in the newly-expanded performance of the technology: “Our vision is that the Alexa service will be everywhere our customers want it, including inside the car.”

Garmin’s Speak with Alexa provides an in-vehicle technology gadget that stands out from the competition, primarily because of this unique mapping feature. Even innovative products offered by Ford have yet to reach this level of intelligence.

Fans of Alexa can now make life even simpler, when they purchase their own Garmin Speak. Weather forecasts, traffic information, sports news, and news headlines just scratch the surface of what this savvy product can accomplish.

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garmin amazon alexa

Photo: Garmin

Turn-by-turn directions are one of its key attractions. You can also use the product to access your playlists and stream it through your vehicle’s speakers.

You can also remotely access smart appliances in your home from the convenience of your car. Keeping tabs on your house’s thermostats, locks, and lights has never been easier.

The Speak product measures just 1.5 inches and is rigged with a magnetic mount so you can attach it to your windshield. Whenever you’re not using it, the gadget detaches so you can store it out of sight and out of the way.

Because it’s such a convenient, concise invention, the new Garmin speaker promises to be a crowd-pleasing pick perfect for that special person on your holiday shopping list. Just make sure you don’t get jealous of it when the gift recipient showers it with acclaim and attention—and starts singing back Alexa’s “It’s a Love Song” featured in this clip.

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News Source: The Verge