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Georgia Man Intentionally Drives Truck Through Own House

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Georgia Man Drives Truck through House

A man from Dougal Cowetta County, Georgia, reportedly drove his own pickup truck through his own house… on purpose. Why would he do such a thing, you might ask?

“I don’t know,” he admitted to WGCL in Atlanta. “It was just one of them spur of the moment things.” (YOLO!)

John Paul Jones (the guy who drove a truck through his house, not the Led Zeppelin bassist or the Revolutionary War naval captain), age 35, actually offered several conflicting reasons for his decision to drive his Chevy Silverado 2500 through the living room of his perfectly lovely home.

CBS46 News

“The police came out here, I told them I needed air conditioning,” Jones claimed. “They said, ‘open a window.’ I told them it wasn’t enough. As you can see, I had a nice breeze.”

Jones is a contractor who has been out of work for the past year and a half, and he’s doing his own repairs. “It didn’t pay anything, but hey, it kept me busy,” he told WGCL.

There were also reports that Jones was frustrated by his inability to sell the house, but Jones denied that when talking to WGCL, telling them that it was a phone call from his wife that made him so upset, he decided to seriously damage both his vehicle and place of residence.

Whatever the real reason for John Paul Jones’ behavior—frustration with his unemployment, his house, or his wife—we’re sort of inclined to believe that alcohol was at least somehow involved. If it was, then we commend Mr. Jones for doing all of his drunk driving at home, instead of taking it out onto the road.

Via: Huffington Post