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Get a Trade-In Appraisal at

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Buick is the oldest still-active American automobile make, and one of GM’s best-established luxury brands. If you have a used car and want to trade it in for a Buick, you can be sure no one would blame you.

But before you try to get your hands on a lovely Encore or that new, sleek 2012 Verano, be sure to obtain a trade-in appraisal at first. It’s a fast and easy three-step process that’ll help you get an accurate price estimate of your vehicle, and get you in touch with a nearby dealership that may be willing to discuss the trade and the vehicle you want. It’s also free and you won’t even have to make an account!

In case you’re a little hazy on the specifics, a used-car appraisal is an estimate of a used car’s actual market value, which is exceptionally beneficial whenever buying or selling a used car. Having a ballpark estimate of the value of your car can help you make important decisions and negotiations in the transaction with a buyer. So if you’re considering trading in your car, make sure to let Buick help provide you with the fairest and most accurate pricing.

Grab a new Buick, like this hot 2013 Encore by appraising your trade-in.

Help fund your new Buick with a trade-in appraisal at