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Get Cell Reception in Parking Garages with Mitsubishi’s Newest Tech

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Mitsubishi is making it easier to locate your car in a parking garage

Parking garages are like black holes for cell phone service. All of the concrete and steel often causes garages to block any reception your phone might have, which makes it difficult to begin your GPS or to use a car locator app when you can’t find your car. Now though, Mitsubishi might be changing that.

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Mitsubishi recently announced a brand new method of getting service when you might not typically be able to. According to Engadget, this technology uses sound and WiFi to pinpoint your exact location. The technology determines your location based on the time it takes for sound to reach positioning-capable WiFi access points. This means your GPS can easily track where you are, no matter how terrible your service is—and your text messages will get through, too.

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Because of this technology, you won’t have to worry about losing your car in a parking garage ever again. The position of the car can be detected and stored when it is parked, then used in later in the day to guide you back to your vehicle.

How handy is that?

Mitsubishi is releasing this technology for commercial use by April 2017. The company hopes that it can be used for walking navigation or warehouse management, because it could greatly improve the services in underground locations.

News Source: Engadget