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Get Don Draper’s 1964 Chrysler Imperial Crown Convertible Before It’s Gone

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Don Draper's 1964 Chrysler Imperial Crown Convertible

Don Draper’s 1964 Chrysler Imperial Crown convertible is being auctioned off later this month

The hit television show Mad Men has been off the air for a bit now, breaking the hearts of television viewers everywhere. After all, how are people supposed to get their fix of smokin’ hot men and women in the suave clothes of the 60s and 70s?

Well, you could always buy one of the many classic cars that was featured in the film.

If you’re really mourning the loss of Don Draper from television, have no fear—you can now purchase Don’s very own 1964 Chrysler Imperial Crown convertible.

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This convertible, which was used in the third episode of season four, is one of only 922 Imperial Crown convertibles ever built. It’s believed that fewer than 200 exist today, which means that—besides the fact that it was driven on Mad Men—this convertible is truly one-of-a-kind. And now, it’s going to be crossing the auction block thanks to ScreenBid.

Don Draper


This particular Imperial convertible was created by Elwood Engle, the famous automotive designer that is known for creating the Lincoln Continental’s slab side design. Under the hood of this convertible is a 413 V8 engine, which is paired to a 727 TorqueFlite push-button automatic transmission. It has power steering, power brakes, power windows, power antenna, and an electric top.

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It is entirely original with the exception of a new paint job that occurred about 20 years ago and new carpeting. The original paint job is honored, though, with a small circle under the hood that was left behind to remind the owner of the original paint code.

Really, though, it’s hard not to want this car even without the appeal of it being driven by Don Draper.

The auction is set to launch on May 31st on ScreenBid’s website. Make sure you get it while it’s hot—if you have the pocket change. After all, Draper’s Cadillac Coupe de Ville sold for $48,980.