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Get This 1994 Toyota Supra for Less Than $20K

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1994 Toyota Supra eBay

The Toyota Supra is somewhat of a legend. Built in Japan from 1978 to 2002, the sports car still has plenty of fans to this day despite its having been out of production for 13 years. With a replacement looming on the horizon, Supra fans certainly have something to look forward to. But if you can’t wait for 2017 when the new model should come out, consider spending your hard-earned cash on this bad boy from eBay:

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1994 Toyota Supra eBay

The 1994 Supra is painted a glorious red, and the owner claims it’s in fairly good working order. While it has a few dings in the door and the clutch might need replacing fairly soon, the car itself looks good. Originally, the vehicle was powered by a 222-hp naturally aspirated engine, but a previous owner had it replaced with a UDSM 2jz GTE engine with around 320 horsepower. The car body has 134,000 miles on it, whereas the engine has just 60,000 miles.

1994 Toyota Supra eBay

Some of its features are as follows:

Synthetic oil change done 08/07/15
K&N intake with heat shield
TRD strut bar
Blitz Front mount intercooler
Blitz Nur Exhaust
HKS blow off valve
ACT clutch
Mishomoto Radiator
4 point harness (Original seatbelts are still mounted and usable)
Tan interior swapped to Black, with sound deadening liners rolled on and then the Eastwood laid, New black carpet
Full spare and jack kit in hatch. Carpet in great condition. Tonneau cover included.
Upgraded Brake Pads
HID headlights
Targa seals replaced
EGR, Cruise control and Traction control removed
Fender just repaired and resprayed with PPG to remove a dent on the lip that had surface rust

If you’re a Supra fan, check out the listing now on eBay. Or, you know, you could wait until Toyota releases its new hybrid Supra successor, but it’ll never have the raw power of this vintage baby.

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Photo Source: eBay Via: Jalopnik