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Get Used to This Headline: Ford GT Wins Award

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Specifically, the wonderful and magnanimous Ford GT has won the EyesOn Design Award for Best Production Vehicle of NAIAS. It's sure to be the first award of many for what is basically your dream car brought screaming to life.

Ford GT Wins Award

Butterfly doors, butterflies in your stomach

Before a vehicle can win all of the awards, it has to win its very first. Whenever the Ford GT is bequeathed upon humanity—supposedly next year (!!!)—and however it is bestowed upon us—probably slowly descending to earth on an ornate golden platform nestled within sparkling clouds that smell like the breath of angels—it will win all of the awards. Make no mistake about that. The Ford GT will not only win the 2017 North American Car of the Year, but it will probably also win the 2017 North American Truck of the Year, the Academy Award for Best Picture, a Pulitzer Prize, and the TIME’s Person of the Year.

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Though it will one day do all of that and fulfill your every waking desire, already the Ford GT has earned the EyesOn Design Award for Best Production Vehicle. Because of course it did.

Ford and its employees are honored to receive this recognition,” said Moray Callum, Ford Motor Company vice president, Design. “The great thing about the all-new Ford GT is that we were able to maintain the essence of the original GT40, while making it into a 21st century car. The GT’s cutting-edge technology and engineering demonstrate Ford’s commitment to performance and innovation in every aspect of our business.”

So what gave the Ford GT the edge over other comely competitors from NAIAS? Did you even look at this thing? Just look at it.

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Ford GT

Congratulations, Ford GT, on your EyesOn Design Award for Best Production Vehicle. And congratulations in advance for your landslide victory in the 2016 presidential election! USA! USA!

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