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Give Your Jeep a Facial with Limited Edition Jeep Mud Mask

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Jeep Mud Mask

This limited edition Jeep Mud Mask encourages you to seek adventure in your Jeep

Every now and then, you might treat yourself to a nice spa experience—so why not do the same for your car?

Jeep has taken the idea of pampering to a whole new level with the introduction of a limited edition Mud Mask for your Jeep vehicle.

I kid you not. Because who doesn’t want to give their car a facial?

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The American carmaker’s Germany branch has teamed up with Parasol Island creative studio to create a cosmetic mud mask for your car. You can’t exactly go to your local Jeep dealership and pick one up, though. Instead, you have to head over to the German Jeep website and enter a competition to win one of these packs.

But wait, Jeep isn’t just stopping there—it has even created a short (surprisingly artistic) film for the Mud Mask.

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VIDEO: Watch the Renegade get a Mud Mask here

I’m thinking that the limited edition Mud Mask—which is really just a canister of dirt—is a great way to remind city dwellers that they should take their Jeep off the beaten track every now and then. After all, it’s what Jeeps are made to do.

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