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Glow-In-The-Dark Nissan JUKE Asks for Graffiti

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Glow-in-the-dark Nissan Juke

When you were a kid, there were certain things you knew were absolutely taboo. For instance, drawing on the walls was never, ever acceptable in the Bernard household. I can’t even imagine what my parents would do if I had tried to draw on either of their vehicles.

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In Australia, Nissan threw the taboo of drawing on the family car out of the window with a pair of glow-in-the-dark Nissan JUKEs. As if their ability to glow wasn’t unique enough, the automaker actually drove the creations to White Night celebrations in Melbourne and invited artists Chris Le and Snake Hole (a team consisting of Josh Meyer and Josh Brown) to redesign the Nissan JUKE using different kind of markers. Snake Hole saw a snake when they looked at the Nissan JUKE, and they decorated it in the theme of “Snake Wrap”. Chris Le decided to decorate the car in a monkey theme, to celebrate the Year of the Monkey on the Chinese lunar calendar.

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What exactly is White Night, you ask? White Night Festivals are held around the world, usually in the summer. The practice originated in Russia, when the festivals would be held to celebrate the days close to the Arctic Circle where the sun never completely sets at night, creating a night full of light. From Russia, the tradition moved from Paris, France and then to the rest of the world. In Australia, the evening is a celebration of everything to do with the night and creativity. The creative component is what made drawing all over a Nissan vehicle so appropriate, as the artists were able to express how they felt about this car and its unique shape.

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