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GM Donates $50,000 to Fund Art Education in Detroit

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Schools all across the country are being forced to cut many of its arts and extracurricular programs because the city has fallen on hard times.  Detroit’s turbulent economic status has been well-documented in the wake of its bankruptcy, and many of its schools are struggling as a result.  General Motors has taken notice and refuses to stand idly by while children miss out on certain parts of their education.

The GM Foundation has made a $50,000 donation to the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit (MOCAD) in order to create new educational possibilities for local middle and high school students.

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“Through its diverse community outreach and education programs, MOCAD is inspiring artistic minds and the next generation of innovators,” said GM Foundation President Vivian Pickard, in a press release. “It’s exciting to see all that the museum has accomplished in the past seven years and we look forward to helping the institution expand its education portfolio.”

This is yet another example of the GM Foundation’s dedication to helping its community.  In the last three years, the Foundation has given $23.2 million in grants to organizations like the one it awarded to MOCAD.

If your local school was forced to cut certain programs, how have you made an effort to expose your children to art and keep them involved in sports and other activities?