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GM Files Trademark for “Badlands” Truck

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Colorado ZR2 Concept

Could the Badlands truck take some cues from the Colorado ZR2 Concept?

Ford has been all about performance in 2015, and don’t think that General Motors has not taken notice. GM recently filed an interesting new trademark that suggests that it could very well be throwing its hat into the ring with a Raptor-fighter of its own (and, unlike Jurassic World, it probably won’t require genetic engineering to pull it off).

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On February 16th, General Motors filed a trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for “motor land vehicles, namely, trucks” that will be known as “Badlands.” Why, with a name like Badlands, it sure sounds like GM is building a powerful off-roader to compete against the upcoming Ford F-150 Raptor.

GM Badlands USPTO

Naturally, that’s all that anyone has to go off of right now, but there’s plenty enough room for speculating. General Motors has a number of options it could look into with “Badlands.” It will almost certainly be a Chevrolet model, but could there also be a GMC variant. Will the product ultimately be based upon the Silverado/Sierra or the new Colorado/Canyon? Could they just throw down the gauntlet and make high-performance versions of both the mid-size and full-size truck?

Whatever the result may be, we’re likely some ways away from it. Stay tuned.

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