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GM Launches OnStar Operations in Mexico

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OnStar Operations in Mexico

By Tyler from Riverside, USA (New Car 3) [CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Just last week, General Motors (GM) announced a $691 million investment in its manufacturing operation in Mexico, and now they have unveiled plans to begin offering OnStar in vehicles in Mexico.

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Mexico will become only the fourth country to offer OnStar, joining the ranks of the U.S., Canada and China.  It might seem hard to believe that security service officially launched in the U.S. in 1996, and in those 17 years, the service has accrued more than 5.5 million subscribers in America alone.

OnStar will first only be offered in the Chevrolet Cheyenne (known as the Silverado north of the Rio Grande) and the GMC Sierra initially, but GM says it plans to offer the service in more vehicles as more 2014 models are unveiled.  The move signifies a continued commitment by GM to grow its global brand.

“OnStar’s expansion in Mexico makes it the leading provider of security and communications services in Latin America,” said Mary Chan, president of GM Global Connected Consumer. “This is a very important step in GM’s global growth and in making connectivity services available to more consumers around the world.”

GM will provide customers with a 12-month free subscription to the OnStar service that includes automatic crash response, 24/7 emergency services and stolen vehicle assistance.  Will OnStar boost GM sales south of the border, where the automaker only sold 186,383 vehicles last year?