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GM and Suppliers Enact Supplying Communities Together

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General Motors today announced an initiative called Supplying Communities Together. Along with some of its major suppliers, GM and its GM Foundation hope to benefit Habitat for Humanity Detroit. In total, the Supplying Communities Together initiative will amount to a donation of $948,500 and 2,500 employee work hours toward to the charity.

Supplying Communities Together

Matt Simoncini, President, CEO, and Director of Lear Corp. (left) with Grace Leiblein, GM Vice President of Global Purchasing and Supply Chain

“It’s about building lasting relationships that matter – the ones that help you better communicate, problem-solve, share ideas and work together as a team,” said Grace Lieblein, GM Vice President of Global Purchasing and Supply Chain and a member of the GM Foundation board. “This is a win-win-win for our communities, our suppliers and GM.”

As part of Supplying Communities Together, teams will get involved in another round of charitable projects in an effort to rebuild Detroit into the great city it once was—and still has the potential to be. In total, General Motors has donated $500,000 to Habitat for Humanity Detroit chapter just this year, with $1.6 million in funds going to the all-encompassing Habitat for Humanity organization.

“This is another joint effort that will engage our employees for a great cause,” said Matt Simoncini, who is the president, CEO, and director of Lear Corp., one of the suppliers involved in Supplying Communities Together. “We have been business partners with General Motors as well as partners in community projects and charitable causes for a long time.”

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