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GM and VocalIQ May Strike Deal for In-Car Voice Recognition System

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GM and VocalIQ May Strike Deal for In-Car Voice Recognition System


In-car voice recognition systems are growing increasingly important to drivers. They provide a way for those behind the wheel to control more of the driving experience (and to stay connected with the outside world) while keeping hands on the wheel and eyes on the road.

However, at present, we seem to have hit a speed bump in the technology. It can be frustrating when the system requires incredibly specific commands to perform a simple task, and even more frustrating when it misunderstands a driver’s command all together. (Anyone who has talked to a robot on the phone knows this feeling.) That’s why news that GM and VocalIQ could strike a deal to develop a new, more functional in-car voice recognition system is so exciting.

According to GM Authority, a deal between GM and VocalIQ, while still up in the air, could mean a system that lets drivers control aspects such as the windshield wipers or navigation in a more intuitive, and much less frustrating, way. What’s more—over time, the system would become familiar with the driver’s intentions and his or her unique vocabulary, and be able to respond accordingly.

We’ll let you know if or when GM and VocalIQ make the partnership official.