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GMC Launches New “Precision” Ad Campaign

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2015 GMC Full Vehicle Lineup Featured in GMC's Precision Adverti

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Oh, hey, would you look at that. Spring is here. Well, almost, anyway. That means that before you know it, it will be time once again for long walks in the sunshine, afternoons spent cultivating your garden, and—most importantly—days spent at the ballpark.

GMC is capitalizing on your rabid desire to get to the brighter side of life with the new “Precision” campaign advertising its 2015 lineup. The first spot, entitled “Fastball,” focuses on the kind of precision necessary to through a Major League quality list. Also important: not a hint of snow anywhere to be seen.

2015 GMC Yukon Denali Grille Featured in GMC's Precision Adverti

2015 GMC Yukon Denali

“For discerning GMC customers, Professional Grade has evolved to mean exacting attention to detail and fine craftsmanship in everything they do and purchase,” said Duncan Aldred, vice president of GMC Sales and Marketing. “Precision is a core attribute of the brand and is reflected in GMC’s continued momentum. GMC’s year-over-year sales gains are a strong indicator that premium GMC attributes resonate with customers who seek more from their vehicles.”

“Fastball” stars San Francisco Giants relief pitcher Jeremy Affeldt doing his thing on the pitcher’s mound. (Fun fact: Affeldt’s teammate, Madison Bumgarner, won the MVP in the 2014 World Series and was awarded a 2015 Colorado for his effort.)

GMC Precision Advertising Campaign Launches with "Fast Ball"

The second ad in the series, “Swish,” will take a similar approach in featuring Golden State Warriors forward Harrison Barnes, but the third—“Sharp”—will take a different direction by comparing the style of the GMC Yukon Denali to designer menswear.

All three ads will be scored by an instrumental from The Who’s “Eminence Front.” Fine choice!