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GMC Unveils “Swish” Ad, Which is About Precision and Basketball

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GMC Swish Commercial

GMC has launched the second spot in its “Precision” ad campaign, following up the first baseball-themed, Jeremy Affeldt-starring “Fastball” with the onomatopoeic “Swish.” Guess what sport this particular ad revolves around.

In this spot, we see Gold State Warriors forward Harrison Barnes catch a pass at the top of the key and, in slow motion, release a very precise (see what they’re doing here?) three-point shot. This is…somehow like a GMC vehicle.

Confused? Us too. Hopefully the voiceover can explain some:

“We’ve been thinking: there’s a sound a ball makes when it catches nothing but net. Everyone loves that sound. That precision. At GMC, we get that. Nothing separates the men from the boys like nothing but net. This is precision. This is GMC.”

Um. What?

So let’s review: GMC heard the sound of a basketball swishing through the net and thought,
“Boy, that is the sound of precision. That is, somehow, also the sound of men being separated from boys. It’s a coming-of-age sound really. We need to be all about that stuff right there.” And then GMC’s designers presumably all shrugged and then went out and built a bunch of trucks and SUVs.

The next spot in the series will compare the styling of the Yukon Denali to that of a nicely-tailored suit. Hopefully, that one is just as incomprehensible as “Swish.”